Artistes alternatifs

Some notable alternative tentacles chanteuses include:

1. Jello Biafra: Known for his work with the punk band Dead Kennedys, Biafra has also released music as a solo artist and collaborated with various acts.

2. Alice Bag: An influential figure in the punk rock and feminist movements, Alice Bag has released music both as a solo artist and as a member of the Bags and Cholita!

3. Nomy Lamm: Known for her work as a vocalist and songwriter in the bands The Need and Tender Forever, Lamm’s music often explores themes of identity, gender, and queerness.

4. Krist Novoselic: Although primarily known as the bassist of Nirvana, Novoselic has also released solo material and worked on various musical projects with other musicians.

5. Winston Smith: While not a chanteuse in the traditional sense, Winston Smith is a graphic artist and collage artist who has worked extensively with Alternative Tentacles, creating album covers for various bands on the label.

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